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Auto insurance provides protection for medical coverage, property damages, and liability according to the specifications that are defined in your policy. In most states across the US, you must at least carry liability insurance, which will only cover your responsibility to others for property damage or bodily injury and will not cover the costs of repairing your vehicle or medical bills you may incur. An insurance dispute with an Auto Insurance Dispute Attorney may be necessary.

Auto insurance can include six types of coverage, which are outlined in your policy. Each coverage will be added to your policy if you desire, which are priced separately. The coverage’s you can obtain with your auto insurance, includes: bodily injury liability which applies to injuries caused to someone else in which you were at fault, medical payments/personal injury protection covers treatment of the driver and passengers in your car, property damage liability covers damages you caused to another’s property, collision covers damages to your car from a wreck with another car, comprehensive covers your loss in case of theft or other causes such as fire or flood, uninsured motorist coverage covers damages if you are hit by an uninsured driver or hit and run driver. It is feasible to potentially have to entertain a quote from an auto shipping company in the event of a dispute or accident.

An auto insurance policy is a legal binding contract between the insurance company and the person that buys the insurance or is the policyholder of the insurance policy. The policyholder will pay a certain sum of money known as the premium whereas the insurance company agrees to pay for damages as specified by the policy or agreement.

Reservation of Rights Letter
This is an important aspect when it comes to insurance coverage. If you are in an automobile accident and are being sued, your insurance company is your defense in many cases if the damages were covered by your insurance policy. However, the insurance company does not have to pay for all damages, thus you may have to pay for damages not covered. An auto insurance company will, in most cases, send a reservation of rights letter stating they reserve the right to deny a coverage at a later date based on the terms that are found in your policy. The letter may say something such as “we will provide a defense but will not pay for damages if the court finds you were negligent or caused the damages intentionally”.

Reasons for Auto Insurance Disputes
 Auto Insurance companies make money when a person pays their auto insurance on time and never files a claim. When a claim is filed, the auto insurance wants to pay as little as possible. Due to this, many times the policyholder does not receive just compensation for property damages and/or medical treatment. If you were in an auto accident and your car was totaled, you were in the hospital for several days and could not work; your insurance company will only pay the bare minimum unless you disagree with the carrier of your policy and go the extra mile to receive justice. If you would like to file a dispute for an automobile insurance claim, speak to an auto insurance dispute attorney about the details of your case.

What To Do If You Have Auto Insurance Disputes
The very first thing you should do if you have auto insurance disputes is talk with an insurance dispute attorney. He will go through your policy with a fine toothed comb, and help you every step of the way to ensure you receive the compensation which you are entitled.

In the majority of auto insurance policies, there is an appraisal clause known as arbitration. This clause is there in case of auto insurance disputes which allows a neutral party known as an umpire to decide the outcome. With the appraisal clause, you will be able to hire an appraisal to look over your claim and the proposed settlement figures, the insurance company will also hire an appraisal to do the same procedure. All of the information found by these appraisers will be submitted to the umpire for his unbiased decision.

How to Dispute Auto Insurance Claim
Preferable, you have an insurance dispute attorney that will guide you through the process and be by your side during the arbitration. You will need to file a Demand for Arbitration form; if you cannot find this information in your policy, you will need to contact the state department of insurance or the American Arbitration Association. Both parities, you and the insurance company, must agree to arbitration since all the decisions are legally binding.

If your auto insurance dispute attorney will be present during the arbitration, you will need to inform your insurance company and the same goes for the insurance company if their attorney will be present.

Arbitration is similar to a court proceeding in that both parties will be able to tell their side, introduce witnesses, and ask questions to the other side. The umpire (arbitrator) can also subpoena witnesses or other documents that are pertinent to the accident. The umpire will have the final decision as to if you as the insurance policy has rights to receive damages and how much you will be awarded. The award will not be more than the applicable policy limits.

Potential Recovery

If you plan to file a Demand for Arbitration form to dispute an auto insurance claim, your insurance dispute attorney will be able to guide in the right direction as well as prepare your defense and gather pertinent information regarding your claim. With an arbitration, you may be able to receive more for the replacement value of your car than the insurance company has determined due to the fact they do not use the Kelley Blue Book or the National Automobile Dealers Association Guide, they have their own software that determines the value of automobiles which in most cases is the amount that a dealer would offer you for your vehicle. Medical expenses and property damages can also be awarded at higher limits if you dispute an auto insurance claim through arbitration and have the skills of an insurance dispute attorney. Your insurance dispute attorney will gather all the information, such as: the value of your vehicle, all medical expenses, property damage estimates, witnesses to prove you were not negligent and that the accident was not intentional on your part.

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